Amir Konjani-Soveida Harp

Amir Konjani is a composer, Situation maker and performance designer. His works have been nominated and won many awards including the Ivors Composer Awards 2020, an Oscar in 2018 and London Symphony Orchestra.

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Amir Konjani-Soveida Harp

Amir Konjani is a composer, performance designer, and Situation maker. His works have been nominated and won many awards including the Ivors Composer Awards 2020, London Symphony Orchestra selected composer, an Oscar in the 90th Academy Awards 2018. He has designed several instruments including the Soveida-Kraken Harp (commissioned by LSO).
Amir is the director of MA-Composition at the University of Sheffield and he teaches composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance. His previous work had already established a mechanism for what he calls Shadowing, in which a single performance act creates two or more related but different sounds separated by timbre and time.
The Soveida Harp-Living Sculpture, was inspired by images of lilies, rib cages and an ancient Persian form of the harp called a Chang.
The harp projects most of its notes through its wide tentacles, spatialising the field of sound so as to produce a kind of stereo. (For example, the bisbigliando technique for this Soveida harp instrument not only provides the usual special effect, but the audience can also hear the left-right stereophonic effect properly.These sounds then create air-like ‘shadow’ sounds, which are slightly delayed and distorted. )
He had done this before with a Kraken cello (Nominated for the Ivors composer award in 2020) and piano concertino (commissioned by CalArts and performed by the Grammy nominated pianist Vicki Ray). He describes it as a performing sculpture and living sculpture. The hand made Soveida-Kraken harp has been built in Iran in Abbasi’s Workshop.
Amir has been working with Gabriella Dall’Olio on a new album with the Soveida harp. The new pieces and miniatures will be premiered here at the Harp Congress 2022 on the 27th and 28th of July-AHC Rehearsal Room.