Clavel Music Enterprise

CME offers elegant, refined music stands, 100% hand made in France, by french professionals . Our music stands are interchangeable with multiple options: choices of three different height of shafts, two bases, light and collapsable.

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Clavel Music Enterprise

Our wooden music stands are the results of 40 years of performing experience as a chamber music and orchestra player.
The founder, Sophie Clavel, professional harpist, has dealt with many different kind of music stands, from the folding metallic one to the rigid orchestra stand, not to mention the one too high for a seated musician.
All these criteria have led to the creation of Clavel Music Entreprise, maker of handcrafted wooden music stands, Made in France. They are elegant, practical, dismountable and at a reasonable price, adapted to the musician’s needs.
Our wooden music stands will accompany you for a whole life in music.
Our flagship product in this category : our wooden tuning keys for celtic or concert harps.
Inspired from the Erard harp tuning key, the ergonomic handle, made in quality wood, giving an additional confort. It does not generate perspiration like the rubber tuning keys. The handle size is just the right size for the hand’s palm.
The tuning key handle is made in one bloc of selected wood from Yew tree, Wengue, Box wood or Sorb tree.
You will find special ebony pegs for antic harps, wooden boxes, in different sizes made in yew, box wood, maple wood and chestnut wood.
Discover Sophie Clavel's arrangements collection. Result of 40 years of playing harp with various musicians, accordion or horn and of course, violin, cello, flute and voice. All these arrangements have been taken from piano parts, or orchestra reduction. All have been performed intensively until the perfect fingering and pedal changes will not be an obstacle for the harpist. Thanks to these arrangements, well known composers can be added to harp concert programmes. You will find solos for harp seldom played and heard.