Hands on Harps

Hands on Harps are on a mission to get harp teachers to open their teaching practice to students with learning disabilities.
We make harps in Gloucestershire, especially aiming to help new beginners learn to play.

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Hands on Harps

We've been making harps since 2013, always striving to make the best possible beginners instrument, balancing craftsmanship, sound and range with affordability and portability.
New for 2019 and designed specifically with music therapy in mind, the Rainbow Harp allows makes it possible for otherwise excluded people to learn to play.
It's a simple idea: coloured strings matched with colour-coded sheet music helps remove some of the major barriers to learning. Designed by dyslexic harper Morwenna Louttit-Vermaat and backed up by scientific research, this technique is especially useful for students with processing disorders such as dyslexia, but is also beneficial to anyone who has ever struggled to learn to read sheet music.
We provide full and basic training services for anyone who would like to add a harp to their arsenal of instruments.