Konzertharfenbau Horngacher GmbH

Founded in 1924 by Josef Obermayer and in 1966 taken over by Maximilian Horngacher, now under leadership of Klaus Horngacher the company produce concert harps in high quality since nearly 100 years.

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Konzertharfenbau Horngacher GmbH

The company founded in 1924 by Joseph Obermayer in Munich was from the beginning one of the leading
companies for concert harp. Through the selection of wood of high quality and a precise mechanism, Obermayer harps
were appreciated by many harpists. In 1955 Maximilian Horngacher has joined into the company and took it from the family when Obermayer died in 1966. He developed the new type of the Beckmesser harp in 1967 and extended the business with more models. In 1977 Klaus Horngacher, the current ledader of the company has joined into the company
and after making his master of harp making he extended the business by doing also repairs all over the world and not only in the workshop. He also developed the Horngacher sound system which is appreciated by many harpists.
All our instruments are still handmade with the highest selection of all materials. At present we have a selection of 8 models and 2 special models. Furthermore we have an individual line where you can change design or ad
technical equipment like damping mechanism (which only we do) or sound system.
You can find our harps all over the world and in the most well known orchestras or theatres as well as by many
well known harpists.

More information you will found on our new website. https://www.horngacherharps.com