Nanjing Eagle Harps

Nanjing Eagle Harps has been established for more than 30 years and has developed many kinds of harps, these include professional pedal harps, lever harps, Irish harps and historical konghou.

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Nanjing Eagle Harps

Founded in 1987 by Li Dapeng, Nanjing Eagle Harp Co., Ltd has devoted itself to the research and production of high-quality harps. Its’ team has gathered professional harpists, university professors, and experienced technicians who serve on the forefront of the production. The graduate ‘research project named “CNC systems in harp manufacturing”, in cooperation with the School of Mechanical Engineering in Southeast University of China, provides advanced technical support for Nanjing Eagle Harps.

The harp-making technology is based on European and North American harp making traditions. We use the same selected fine spruce and maple used by the other leading harp makers to ensure an even sound and a beautiful warm tone. For this reason, Eagle harps have been the choice amongst professional harpists and students alike. Our harps are affordable and are presently sold in Asia, Australia, Spain, Portugal, USA and Latin America.

You are welcome to come to our stand here at the WHC to tryout our Alice 47 Straight and Extended soundboard harps.