Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps

The craftspeople of Salvi Harps (ITA) devote their passion to produce precious jewels of technology, design and sound.
Lyon & Healy Harps (USA) built its first pedal harp in 1889 and is renowned for its craftsmanship, commitment and sound.

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Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps

Salvi Music London is the Exclusive UK Distributor of Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps.

For over 30 years, the staff of Salvi Music London has been serving harpists with expertise and first-hand knowledge. They have the largest and most comprehensive selection in the UK. Visit their showroom in the London Battersea area - or one of our trusted dealers located throughout the United Kingdom - to trial a variety of Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps, a full range of lever harps and pedal harps, from student range through to premium.

Salvi Harps
A special thanks to nature which provides the essential instrument for the realization of the harps. The hard maple from Canada is selected to ensure strength and stability. For the soundboard the best spruce is used from the forests of Val di Fiemme in Trentino, Italy, the same wood with which Antonio Stradivari built his insurmountable violins. The neck is made of Beech and Maple that provides high resistance to twisting and helps defend the instrument from string tension and maintain tuning.

The perfect mix between nature and technology is the foundation of quality at Salvi Harps. The rigorous selection of wood is matched with ongoing research to ensure maximum design, ergonomics and sound performance.

Moreover, innovation is a tradition for Salvi: in 1974, they created the first electric pedal harp solid body. Salvi was the first to introduce an aluminum column covered in wood. Salvi’s innovations are characterizing the professional market as well as the entry level range. New products, innovative, even revolutionary, such as the Delta C, constitute the present and the future of this instrument.

The lessons of founder Victor Salvi are more relevant than ever inside the laboratories of Piasco. Technology, innovation and performance are fundamental, but expected with the harp, Salvi designs and builds mainly with through the heart.

The artisanal passion, the smell of wood running between the hands, the astonishment and wonder at seeing the instrument taking shape, consistency, personality. It is much more than just a job: it is a unique experience, to share with all those who love the harp.

Our work on materials, finishes, on the soundboards, on the soundboxes, on the mechanism is measured in quality, strength, endurance and especially in decibels. At one time the harp was played in small rooms. The resonance was adequate. Now playing in auditoriums, the volume should match.

With the experience of luthiers and a unique research and development in the world of the harp, Salvi Harps make absolute precision instruments, putting technology at the service of tradition and craftsmanship.

Choosing a Salvi harp then does not only mean relying on a world class product; it signifies having the means to grow your own music. Total commitment, to assert an exclusive relationship with harpists from around the world, from young talents to established professionals. In other words: pure harmony.

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Lyon & Healy Harps
Founded in Chicago in 1864 by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick J. Healy, Lyon & Healy built its first harp, Model 21 #501, in 1889. For over 130 years, Lyon & Healy artisans have maintained the commitment to a practice of old-world craftsmanship while embracing new-world innovations.

Today, Lyon & Healy strikes that balance daily as it pushes methods, materials and technology to better the instrument and better the craft—never falling back on routine or sacrificing quality for the sake of cost. Use of the latest technology enables Lyon & Healy to refine parts of the instrument in greater detail and efficiency, while old-world craftsmanship ensures that care, precision and pride go into the building of each harp.

The practice of Lyon & Healy’s meticulous sourcing of woods is highly-specific and highly-critical. Each supplier meets Lyon & Healy’s exacting specifications for woods worthy of use in its harps. The quality of each delivery of wood is scientifically tested to ensure that only the highest grade wood goes into each and every harp.

Seven layers of stainless steel linkage and more than 1,500 parts comprise the action of a Lyon & Healy concert grand harp. Custom milled and painstakingly adjusted, every piece of the action—from the pedal rods to the spindles—undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that when put into place, every part interacts smoothly, silently and accurately with the others.

A highly skilled workforce embodies Lyon & Healy’s strong commitment to the craft. Through an internal apprenticeship program, each member passes along knowledge acquired during years of harpmaking.
This system of apprenticeship is used at every stage of building a harp—from selecting and gluing the wood to shaping and building the body, from hand-carving the column to building the action and applying the gold leaf.

What was true in 1889 is true today: The name Lyon & Healy equates to superiority and ingenuity in harpmaking as defined by harpists worldwide.

And, as the lineage of a Lyon & Healy harp passes hands from craftsperson to harpist, the entire staff has confidence and takes pride in knowing it will again be passed down through families for generations to come. As Lyon & Healy continues to uphold the finest principles in harpmaking for a second century, the company and its employees move forward, unyielding in their commitment to craft, value and service, and setting new standards along the way.

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