Tim Hampson Harpmaker & The Welsh Triple Harp Society

We hope to make available and promote the National Instrument of Wales in all its forms of majestic splendor and unique sound.
From historic replicas to more modern adaptations.

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Tim Hampson Harpmaker & The Welsh Triple Harp Society

Tim started harp making in the mid 1980's. He studied Musical Instrument Technology in London followed by 9 years as Workshop Manager and Assistant to Clive Morley.
Tim has been involved in all aspects of harp making from restoration of antique instruments to servicing and repair of modern instruments.
Tim Hampson Harpmaker is a one-man business founded in 1998
Tim has had a strong interest in the Welsh Triple Harp and all its history and development he also enjoys playing the instrument.
The Cymdeithas y Delyn Deires or Welsh Triple Harp Society was founded by Rhiain Bebb & Huw Roberts & friends in August 2019 at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Llanrwst. Llanrwst is where John Richards (1711-1789) was born and began his career as harp maker.
The society was founded with the aim of promoting the National Instrument of Wales, to encourage the interest of supporters and to attract more players.